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Your Health Path

I love my work, coaching everyone; men, women, and children. I share the body of knowledge in holistic health that I received, studying with my lecturers, -  Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Walter Willett of Harvard, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Kaayla Daniel, Sally Fallon-Morell, Dr. Andrew Weil, and many, many others, leaders in the field of health and wellness, scholars and authors. I learned over 100 dietary theories. I know not one size fits all. And under-eating is your enemy!

If you come to me for my guidance as a holistic healer, we will together, figure out just what has set you back and how to get you feeling strong again, and stable, and not tired. Your healing will come by creating a new path including steps for prevention. You can do a lot right now to get your health back. You can get back a stronger, more energetic, and happier mind and body - your whole-self. 

I offer a free half-hour health consultation. We can get acquainted and you can decide if you feel I can help accomplish your health goals. What I find unique in my training approach, is seeing the whole body as connected.

My rates are $30, $45, & $60. We spend 12 hours over 6 months, meeting, or chatting over the phone, or Skype. That's an hour every 2 weeks, working together on getting your health back. You come for 6 months because it takes time to explore what needs to go in, what needs to come out, those steps to make change, small or large, & lasting. I find my clients range in age and issues. My focus is on strengthening health & weight, increasing energy, and balancing moods. 

Stunning beauty after a storm in my yard in Balsam Lake Township.

Why? Reminds me of balance & beauty in nature.

If we are meeting for your health consultation, please fill in the

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And if you are interested in a meeting

for a child under 12, call and we can discuss your concerns,  651 600 77 88.                                                     

Thank you, Mary