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A Hair Mineral Analysis    A Screening Tool for Your Energy & Toxins

I began using hair mineral testing in the design of my nutrition programs, in 2011, after a year of recommending vitamins. I knew clients, like myself, needed supplements, but I also knew, given how people absorb vitamins, and minerals differently, and their particular weight and body needs, that making suggestions had more of a guess-factor involved than I wanted. I found Analytical Research Labs, Inc. in Arizona. I have used them exclusively for individually tailored supplements to support health and wellness. My clients, my family, and I have been very pleased with how we feel.

My weapon of choice. My 1934 Stewart Stove, that I love.

​Invest in life long lessons for  stable  weight,  real  energy,  improved health &  a mind at peace.  

Summer moon on Rathlin Island, Northern Ireland, 2008, over my little cabin in the clump of trees. I show this as a picture of lifestyle.

​​Gray seals, pretty stress-free on Rathlin Island,

Northern Ireland, where I lived from 2006-2012. 

Analytical Research Labs, Inc.

A hair mineral analysis  is an individualized test interpretation in a 15-20 page report that includes information related to one's metabolic rate, energy levels,

sugar and carbohydrate tolerance,

immune system, autonomic balance, glandular activity and metabolic trends.