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Stable Weight or Yo-Yo Dieting

Stable Energy or Fatigue or Adderall

Stable Moods or Brain Fog

Feeling Better or Staying Put

Finding Balance Into The Future

Cost: $30, $45, or $60 an hour,

determined by time and need. 

Meeting: By phone or Skype from anywhere in the world, or in person in my home.

The Works: *12 Sessions: 1 hour, twice a month for 6 months, or,

*single sessions by phone.

​​Stable = Wellness 

Invest in your health

​Invest in life long lessons for  stable  weight,  real  energy,  improved health &  a mind at peace.  

So, this is how I see living our health. We either continue down a road of not making an effort to understand why our bodies are hurting, - actually complaining; compromising our health and heading toward prescription drugs, or more prescription drugs & surgery, or we begin to discover and give our bodies what they need for wild health, that is happy, happier bodies and minds. 

I am a phone coach, and I see clients in my home. I practice holistic healing with diet, lifestyle, supplements, and diminishing stress. If you are ready to change your health-direction, to get started now, - you can. I am glad to spend 30 minutes in a complimentary health consultation to discuss your main health concerns. We can figure out if you want my help to feel better. If you are ready to give 30 minutes to yourself, go to my "Health Forms" at the top of this page. Find either a woman's, or man's health history, fill it in, and press send. Or, if you have a question first, you certainly can call me on my cell phone at 651-600-7788. And if you are not ready, but interested, I hope this becomes your year to try. ​Why not?


Mary Hannahan,

Certified Holistic Health Practioner