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​​​Invest in a Hair Mineral Analysis for  a blueprint for improved metabolism,  and the goal of vitamin &  mineral rebalancing  

Cost: Consultation $50 an hour 

Meeting: By phone or Skype from anywhere in the world, or in person in my home.

Hair Mineral Analysis: $100

Recommended Supplement Program - Costs Vary




Identifying mineral patterns which may be associated with:


Blood Sugar & Carbohydrate Imbalances

Metabolic Rate

Biochemical Energy Production

Glandular Imbalances

Toxic Metals

The hair testing is very simple to do, screening the levels of 21 minerals present in a sample of hair. The Analytical Research Lab, Inc. tests your hair sample. In 2 weeks the results are sent to me, then we meet or speak by phone, or, if you are busy, I record a tape of my consultation and recommendations along with your 20 to 25 page lab report with graphs and 22 scientific areas of focus for your study and records.  

I am glad to spend 30 minutes in a complimentary health visit to discuss your main health concerns & the Hair Mineral Analysis test benefits.

Mary Hannahan,

Certified Holistic Health Practioner

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Invest in your health

Have a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis screening test done.

This is your blueprint of your biochemistry.

The tool for creating balance.

And an assurance of staying better tuned-up, year after year. 

Testing Provided by Analytical Research Labs, Inc. of Phoenix, AZ.